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        Precision Welding Oscillate System
        Precision Arc Length Control System
        Precision Resistance Welding Control System
        Welding Video Monitoring System
        Automated Welding Equipment
        Plasma Arc Welding Machine
        Special Aluminum Welding Machine
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        Automatic circumferential welder:
        Automatic circumferential welder is an especially designed automatic welding equipment for circumferential weld which can make up a complete welding system married with TIG, MIG/MAG or plasma welding machine and wire feeder. Typical work pieces include: gear, chain wheel, starter wheel of motorcycle ; shock absorber, steel circle, clutch, steering gear and transmission shaft of vehicle or motorcycle; compressor,shell of air conditioner or refrigerator, fire extinguisher, storage tank, corrugated pipe, sensor etc.

        Colorful circumferential welds fulfill various work pieces.
        Single , double or four torches work simultaneously are optional, in order to reduce distortion and increase productivity.
        Part weld or sectional weld can be realized.
        Microprocessor, PLC or computer controllers are optional.
        Match all of the following weld processes: GMAW/GMAWP, PTA/PAW, GTAW, FCAW.

        Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welder:
        ZZF series automatic longitudinal seam welder, is suitable for straight line welding of tubes, cylinders, cones ,slat sheets, sinks, tank shells and open ended boxes in fields such as aviation, spaceflight, war industry, press container, mine machine and medical apparatus and instrument. Married with TIG, plasma or CO2/MIG/MAG welding machine, it can fulfill the welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum , Hastelloy, titanium , inconel , gal-vanized etc.
        Small Welding Positioner:
        Suitable for pipe butt joint, pipe-flange joint and tubular work-piece surfacing. The position is ideal for integration into automated welding system married with appropriate auxiliary equipments and can also be controlled by a microprocessor, PLC or computer controller.
        Max Load
        Table Dia
        Rotating Rate
        Power Input


        Automatic Arc Welding Control

        HHC-B Automatic arc welding control is a normal equipment special for automatic arc welding set. The control can match automatic longitudinal or circumferentia seam welder.

        With the PLC processor, digital signal control all the welding parameters, as welding speed, welding mode (TIG OR MIG/MAG etc.), the length or diameter of workpiece, etc. And all the parameters are pro-set before welding process,.

        We would like to do for your special requirement.

        We reserve the right to interpret and modify the above technical parameters!



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