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        Precision Welding Oscillate System
        Precision Arc Length Control System
        Precision Resistance Welding Control System
        Welding Video Monitoring System
        Automated Welding Equipment
        Plasma Arc Welding Machine
        Special Aluminum Welding Machine
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        Plamsa Welding Machine, Plasma Automated Welding Pulse Plasma Arc Welding Machine......

        Special for very thin workpiece,Special for precision welding process.

        The adoption of pulse technology can gain perfect beam surface, small HAZ, high work efficiency, small deformation and ease of all positional welding.
        The high temperature and energy density of plasma arc increase penetration and weld speed.

        Precision welding oscillator Precision Welding Oscillate System......

        Improve welding prcess efficiency

        The weld oscillator is a general weld auxiliary equipment to satisfy the circular cross moving of torch along the welding direction in order to increase the weld width , surface beauty and weld productivity.

        With micro-processor control, and the software special for arc welding. The output digital sign drive the Stepper motor and making the welding gun moving.

        Precision welding arc length control Precision Arc Length Control System......

        Special for anomalous workpiece

        The are length controller includes unique sensing system constantly monitoring welding voltage. Variation due to work piece difference is instantly detected and corrected to maintain the arc lengh at the predefined disdance within an accuracy of +0.2V volt.The controller assures consistent, beautiful and high quality weld.

        Precision resistant Welding control Precision Resistance Welding Control System......

        Assure perfect resistant welding process

        The contrlle is general equipment to assure more perfect resistance welding process. Match to Spot weld, Seam weld, Project weld.

        With micro-processor control, and the software special for resistant welding. SCR rectified will control the input electric current precision.

        Welding Video Monitoring System......
        In tradition arc welding way, the operators must work in close proximity to the welding arc to view welding arc, but the welding arc conditions are unpleasant and even unhealthy.
        With the HITweld Monitoring Video Operating System, the operator can control the arc remotely in automatic welding. It will separate the operator form the arc, protect the operator and make more perfectly welding seam.
        Automated Welding machine Automated Welding Equipment......
        The series of automatic longitudinal seam welder and automatic circumferential welder, is suitable for straight line welding of tubes, cylinders, cones ,slat sheets, sinks, tank shells and open ended boxes in fields such as aviation, spaceflight, war industry, press container, mine machine and medical apparatus and instrument. Married with TIG, plasma or CO2/MIG/MAG welding machine, it can fulfill the welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum , Hastelloy, titanium , inconel , gal-vanized etc. We would like to do for your special requires.


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