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        Precision Welding Oscillate System
        Welding Seam Track System
        Precision Arc Length Control System
        Torch Adjust
        Precision Resistance Welding Control System
        Welding Video Monitoring System
        Automated Welding Equipment
        Plasma Arc Welding Machine
        Special Aluminum Welding Machine
        Another Products

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        Based on scientific and technological advancement and talents development of Chengdu Electric Welding Machine Research Institute (the only national welding machine institute of China), HITWeld mainly develops high-tech welding products, professional in plasma arc welding machine and its torches, welding video monitoring system, precision welding oscillate system, precision resistance welding controller, arc-height control system, vertical/ring seam auto welding control system, etc. All of this products have high performance and quality, but economy. Based on the requirements of customers, we bring out perfect welding products with up-to-date designs. We strictly abide by and implement ISO9000 quality control system, enabling our product with design, produce and service to fulfill your requirement.

        Now, we have an independent TRD center, and our team including 2 state-level experts who receive allowance of government per-month, more than 60 percent employee graduated from university. Based on the advantage of talent and technology, we will constantly innovate and enhance welding technology, provide more perfect product for you.

        Our mission is to offer more perfect auto-welding control solution and service to you!


        Chinese Pre-President Jiang Zeming inscribed to our Iinstitute

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