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        WOS-300 Precision OSCILLATOR is normal arc welding assistant equipment. The work way is Micro-processor control, Stepper motor driven,Ballscrew transmission, External interface capability,Compact lightweight design,Convenient flexible mounting. Easy to installing without extra equipment, easy to operating for worker.

        Micro-processor control and deal with all of customer’s welding parameters. So it ensure customer’s requirement to be precision done.
        Special design and develop by professional welding engineer and programmer. We can update the program based on customer’s requirement.
        The machine oscillator parts precision can be 0.005mm.
        Large LCD can be easy to setup and modify welding parameters.
        WOS-300 help customer to save 9 sets of welding oscillate parameters. Based on different of welding seam, you can easy choice fit welding parameters to working.
        A set of welding parameters include oscillating speed, oscillating width, center position, stopping interval of left, center and right position. All parameters can be independence adjusted.

        Beacause of 9 sets parameters in Control, when workpiece need more than 1 layer to weld, from P2 OUTPUT, you can control WOS-300 continual work just by switch signals without stopping welding. It benefit for thick or mid-thick workpiece.


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